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Fast Technology Limited

Сообщение Nare33 » Пт авг 12, 2016 4:46 pm

Dear partners,

We would like to ask you for a favor to act as a third party for running the offset with Fast Technology Limited.
Their outstanding debt is $1721.6, which has been past due since February, 2016.
They are not replying to our emails and phone calls.
See below the information about Fast Technology Limited:
Legal address: BLD NO.66, Hamriya, Dubai, UAE
IP address:
Contact: Mutasim Khalafallah / CEO
1. Email address:,
2. Phone #: +249999511777,
3. Skype: Mutasim.khalafallah

We are looking forward to your prompt reply so that we can discuss all further details.
Should you have any questions regarding this company, please contact us via email:
VoipShop Telecommunications Inc.
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