Please be aware of Birmingham Cable Ltd.

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Please be aware of Birmingham Cable Ltd.

Сообщение Sona_WIC » Чт сен 26, 2013 4:34 pm

Dear All,

Please be aware of Bruce Tanner and Robert Dale representing the company Birmingham Cable Ltd:

Address: Media House, Bartley Wood Industrial Estate, Hook, RG27 9UP United Kingdom

Robert Gale
+44 121 615321

Bruce Tanner
+44 121 615321
Skype: bruce.tannerbc

We started working with them on 17th September. They have fake references, company registration link and D&B.

They sent us traffic of 22 000$ . We have called them many times. They are always available on the phone, promising that payment has been made and will send the wire copy. They have always excuses for the delay, they are in meetings or they have important visits.
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